About The Property Savvy Team of Century 21 Millennium Inc.

So you want to know more about the Property Savvy team; your Mississauga, Toronto & Brampton Real Estate Professionals? Welcome, let us introduce ourselves - Hello, we are Randy and Rhonda McLeod and we work at Century 21 Millennium Inc. 


What being “Property Savvy” means

prop-er-ty /präpərtē/


  1. A thing or things that belong to someone; possessions collectively.
  2. A piece of real estate

Sav-vy  /savē/


  1. Shrewdness and practical knowledge, esp. in politics or business


  1. Know or understand


  1. Shrewd or knowledgeable in the realities of life

We are knowledgeable, practical and resourceful in real estate in Mississauga, Toronto & Brampton. We offer a full real estate service encompassing the transaction from A-Z with a team of parallel professionals and amazing connections to ensure that your home transaction is successful right through to closing. We also follow through with post transaction Service Excellence. We are called the Property Savvy Team, because we see your real estate transaction through your eyes but we respond to that need with Property Savvy Knowledge and Excellence. We are your Mississauga Realtors of choice!