Making the Offer

When you are certain that you have found your dream home, your Property Savvy team will gather the information for the Offer and write an Offer that conveys your interest and instruction for purchasing the property. Drafting an offer is a precise and artful legal expression that is binding on both Buyer and Seller if accepted and must be executed with detail and the utmost care. The offer will be written in a way that will put you in control of the situation.

A brief outline of the types of offers is listed below:
Conditional Offer
This will usually be the offer of choice, as the buyer will stipulate conditions on the purchase. Some conditions of the offer may be subject to financing, home inspection and the sale of the buyer’s home. Conditions will put the buyer in control. The home will not be sold until all of the buyer’s conditions are met.
Firm to Offer
This type of offer is preferable to the seller, as it means the buyer is prepared to purchase the home without any conditions. A firm offer is usually not a good idea in any circumstance.
Once the offer is submitted to the seller, they will review it and either accept, reject, or submit a counter-offer. The counter-offer is usually in reference to the price, conditions, closing date or other factors. Your Property Savvy Team will assist you until you are completely satisfied with the terms of the contract.