Additional Ways To Be Savvy

Be savvy in every real estate way.

Listing Savvy

People sell their homes for many different reasons at different times of the year. There is an art to selling the biggest asset that most of us own and we are here to guide you along the way. Become knowledgeable on how to sell your home by reviewing some tips and tricks that we have put together. Ever wonder: when is the best time to sell? How much is my home worth? What repairs or renovations will give me the best return on my investment? What things are buyers looking for? How do I let my home shine in the best possible light? Well we can help answer all of those questions. Visit The Savvy Seller section for some more information.            

Buying Savvy

Finding your dream home can be a tough but fun task. Being knowledgeable in buying real estate can make the home search run smoother. Knowing what you can afford by getting pre-qualified for a mortgage is usually the first step. Determining where you want to live and knowing the neighbourhood is the next step in being BuyerSavvy. Have you thought about your needs versus wants? How about the type of home you want? We have a step by step guide that can help you become a Buying Savvy Buyer. Visit The Savvy Buyer section for some more information. 

Investment Savvy

For those who want to be knowledgeable in becoming a property investor and are looking to either buy your first investment property or expand your investment portfolio, we’ll provide you with useful information and tips to build your real estate portfolio. Over the years there have been few other investment opportunities that have helped individuals become wealthy through exponential growth and increase the returns on their investment.

Rental Savvy

If you are looking to rent a property or you are currently renting and want more information about your rental rights, rental properties on the market or are looking to rent your property out, we can assist with any questions you may have.

Flipping Properties Savvy

Flipping homes can be a great way to generate additional revenue. Knowing how to weigh the risks, find the right property to flip and which renovations give the best return on investment are valuable pieces of information to have. We can assist in finding that right property to flip or provide you with useful information on flipping homes.

Power Of Sale Savvy

Unfortunately some people do run into difficult times regarding paying their mortgage. In Ontario, if you fail to pay your mortgage as agreed the bank has the power to sell your home to recover and protect their interests in your home. Randy had worked in one of the top 5 banks for several years and has extensive knowledge on Power of Sale homes. If you are running into a situation where you may potentially lose your home Randy can assist you in making wise and timely decisions to minimize loss. If you are looking for information on finding a power of sale home or looking to buy, we can help you find the home you have been looking for.

Condo Savvy

If condos are your thing and you want to know what new condos are being developed in the GTA or useful information about condos we can provide you with monthly updates. Simply register. 

House Savvy

Want to know what new developments are planned or are under construction in your neighbourhood? Want useful information about houses? Register now and keep up to date on the housing market!