Pinpoint Price Analysis

Did you ever wonder why some homes sit on the market unsold for what seems like forever? The most important factors that determine whether a house will sell quickly happen in the time before the house ever goes on the market. Did you know that homes that sell quickly almost always sell for more money than homes that sit on the market for several months? It’s true, and the most important factor in selling quickly for top dollar is pricing your home at the optimal price. One of the services we offer is a FREE “Pinpoint Price” Analysis which gives you a precise range of pricing for your home – based on your home and its position in today’s market conditions. Plus, we guarantee in writing to sell your house at the “Pinpoint Price” or higher in less than 60 days.

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Please complete and submit the following Pinpoint Price Analysis form. The more information you provide about your Mississauga, Toronto or Brampton home, the more accurate the evaluation. Rest assured all information you provide is secure and kept strictly confidential.

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