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"Rhonda and Randy are not only great at what they do, they are passionate about what they do. I was honoured to be a client of theirs, successfully moving in my new home on March 1, 2014. The team worked tirelessly during my year-long search. They made what could be a frustrating experience, not only seamless, but an actual joy! Here is the obvious sentiment I so readily grasped as I dealt with this wonderful team: "We want to see your life change, so we will do all in our power to make it happen!" Throughout the process, that was the theme. That was the feeling. That was the goal. And that is why they are a success! Moreover, Rhonda and Randy even helped with my moving experience, providing a meal and beverages to my friends and family. Their dedication to their calling is complete. There really is no 'finish line' with this team. Even though I'm in my second month as a new, first time home owner they are still holding my hand. They check in on me often and are providing advice and assistance to me whenever they can to ensure that my new life is a success. I have no reservations whatsoever with recommending this stellar team of 'servant-leaders' to anyone seeking a new home. Be Blessed Rhonda and Randy, because you are a blessing to me!" Dr. Sheldon
Dr. Sheldon Joseph

We had very limited time to work with and you were available throughout. When we chose a property but your team did your research and told us to go for another property. Now that we know the area, we now understand why you suggested this property over the other. We feel you are the right team now and for our future purchases as you know the property market so well that one can trust you with their investment.
Placido & Lizette Kaluba