Why Sell Your Mississauga, Toronto or Brampton Home Through Us?

The Property Savvy Team is the right choice when choosing a real estate professional to help with the sale of your Mississauga, Toronto or Brampton home. We are committed to providing exceptional service to our clients and we are easily accessible, courteous, professional and we have a proven track record.

We offer to provide you with our:

  1. Knowledge. As experienced and educated real estate professionals we have extensive knowledge of mortgages, real estate law, marketing, pricing and negotiating.
  2. Service. Our product is the quality of service we provide. As real estate professionals we have the necessary tools to provide the best service.
  3. Security. As your Realtors, we protect your security by showing the home only to qualified buyers. Because of us, you do not have to open your door to strangers.
  4. Team Sales Effort. Real Estate professionals offer co-operation in the selling of property through the Multiple Listing System (MLS), Company Referral Networks, Co-brokerage and other such efforts in sharing the information with other real estate professionals in order to get the property sold in the quickest time with the fewest problems.
  5. Flexibility. Real estate is a 24 hour business and information about your home is offered through computer networks, email and web presence. You can be assured that buyers can always get the information they need, when they want it.
  6. Honesty. We can fairly evaluate you Mississauga, Toronto or Brampton home with no emotional ties and can offer suggestions for improving the “sales” appeal.
  7. Creativity. We have the flexibility and knowledge to prepare a marketing plan that includes the promotional marketing designed to reach qualified buyers.


Our Marketing Plan

Marketing Program: We develop a marketing program for every listing we take. It is our job to administer the listing in order to secure a qualified buyer who is ready and willing to purchase the property. Our marketing plan is designed to do exactly that. We understand each listing is unique and each demands its own marketing program. Our marketing plan includes Advertising, Promotion, Public Relations and Personal Selling.

Advertising – It allows us to direct our message to the group of people that we want the message to reach. Advertising offers us the opportunity to describe and persuade. Remember, advertising does not sell homes… effective advertising should attract attention, arouse interest and make those interested to call us.

Promotion – we use aids such as displays, brochures, flyers open houses etc. Promotion is designed to build traffic.

Personal Selling – Ads don’t sell homes, people do. The Property Savvy Team goes all out for you in ensuring we attract the right qualified buyer and show them how beautiful your home is.                       

Pinpoint Price Analysis Request

Our FREE “Pinpoint Price” Analysis is where we take a close look at your house and prepare a very specific price for your home... and we guarantee in writing to sell your house at the “Pinpoint Price” or higher in less than 60 days.

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